03/11/2020 | Wednesday

Gavea A Gavea B Copacabana

13:00-19:30 II Latin American Stroke Ministerial Meeting

13:00 Welcome
Sheila Martins, Carlos Molina, Raul Nogueira, Marc Fisher, Anselm Hennis 

(GlobalStroke, WSO, PAHO, MOH)

13:10 The Burden of Stroke in Latin America and how research can help in the Government decisionse
Pablo Lavados (Chile, SIECV, Clínica Alemana)

13:30 Primary prevention: How to implement?
Valery Feigin (New Zealand, WSO)

13:50 Global Hearts: working together with PAHO and world Heart Federation
Anselm Hennis (OPAS)

14:10 Stroke Systems of Care
Carlos Molina (Spain, ESO)

14:30 Regional differences in implementation of stroke units: the European Stroke Action Plan
Bo Norrving (Sweden WSO/ESO)

14:50 Is high quallity reaserch feasible in developing countries? The results and lessons of RESILIENT Trial
Raul Nogueira (USA, SVIN/BSN/RNPAVC), Sheila Martins (Brazil, RBAVC, WSO)

15:10 Cost-effectivenes in stroke
Denizar Vianna de Araújo (MOH of Brazil, Secretary SCTIE)

15:30 Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

15:50 The National Plan for Stroke in Chile
Irving Santos Carquin (MOH of Chile)

16:10 The National Plan for Stroke in Brazil
Eduardo David Gomes de Sousa (MOH of Brazil)

16:30 The WSO Plan to Cut Stroke in Half
Michael Brainin (Austria, WSO President)

16:50 The results of the I Latin American Stroke Ministerial Meeting and what happened since them
Sheila Martins (Brazil, RBAVC, SIECV, WSO)

17:10 Meeting per country: reviewing the gaps and next steps (delegation per country)

18:00 Countries conclusions (presented by Ministers or representatives) - Round Table

19:00 Closing Remarks

8:30-12:30  Teaching Course: Update Prevention in stroke
Moderators: Gabriel de Freitas, Daissy Liliana Mora Cuervo

Public: health professionals of Primary Attention of Rio de Janeiro (dorctors, nurses)

8:30 Hipertension Management in Primary Attention
Daissy Liliana Cuervo

8:50 Hipertension
Julia Machline Carrion

9:20 Dislipidemia and Diabetes
Amélio de Godoy-Matos

9:50 Atrial Fibrilation
Olga Souza

10:20 Discussion

10:30 Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:45 Lifestyle modification: Tobacco
Ricardo Sampaio Meirelles

11:10 Lifestyle modification: Diet and Physical activity
Fabrício Braga

11:30 Using the Stroke Riskometer App
Leonardo Carbonera

11:50 Evaluation of the etiology of stroke and treatment according to the cause
Leticia Rebello

12:10 Q & A 

13:30-17:30  Early Career Research Workshop - GAINS (Global Alliance of Independent Networks focused on Stroke Trials)

13:30  Introductions - What is GAINS and why this workshop is important?
Chairs: Andrew Demchuk, Joseph Broderick

13:40-14:30  Session 1: Global Trial Network Resources for Early Career Investigators - What Exists That Can Help You? Overview From Several Networks

13:40  NIH StrokeNet
Joseph Broderick

13:50  GAINS
Andrew Demchuk

13:56  The George Institute for Global Health
Craig Anderson

14:02  Brazilian Research Stroke Network
Octavio Pontes Neto

14:08  WSO Research and Young Stroke Professional Committees
Julie Bernhardt

14:14  Latin American Resources
Pablo Lavados

14:20  Q & A

14:30-15:45  Session 2: Roadmap/Inspirations from Successful Stroke Clinician Scientist/Clinical Trialist

14:30  My own journey - what worked, what I should have done differently
14:30 Raul Nogueira
14:38 Gisele Sampaio
14:46 Carlos Molina 

14:54  Why it is great to be a multi-centre trialist!
Julie Bernhardt

15:02  Q & A

15:17  Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

15:45-17:30  Session 3: Research Project Presentations and Critique
Moderators: Andrew Demchuk. Joseph Broderick, Julie Bernhardt, Marc Fisher

Individual participants have volunteered to pitch their research
ideas/study designs to receive friendly constructive feedback
from a group of mentors 
with similar research theme interests.
This session will provide an opportunity for all attendees to connect
with one another in research themes of similar interest for potential future collaborations.

8:00-18:30 Medtronic Acute Ischemic Stroke Forum

8:00  Welcome
Sheila Martins

8:10  Organization of Stroke Center: From Primary to Comprehensive Center
Sheila Martins

8:35  The Role of EMS in the Pre-Hospital Line of Care
Octavio Pontes Neto

9:00  The Impact of Low Complexity Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in the Pre-Hospital Line of Stroke Care
Francisco Mont'Alverne

9:25  The Role of Multidisciplinary Team & Stroke Care Management
Carla Moro

9:50  Network for Regional Acute Ischemic Stroke Care Organization
Alexandre Longo

10:15  Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:45  Optimizing Acute Ischemic Stroke Reperfusion Therapy in a International Well-Organized Network
Demetrius Lopes

11:10  Optimizing reperfusion therapy in acute ischemic stroke in a well-organized national network
Daniel Bezerra

11:35  How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment
Raul Nogueira

12:00  Selection of Patients for Mechanical Thrombectomy
Daniel Abud

12:25  Lunch Box + Break

13:25  Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Challenges to Procedural Success
Pedro Lylyk

13:50 Cost-Utility Analysis of Mechanical Thrombectomy: A Healthcare Payer Perspective
Pedro Magalhaes

14:15  Brazilian Experience
Pedro Magalhaes, Daniel Abud, Francisco Mont'Alverne, Leandro Barbosa

15:25    Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

15:55  One Size Fits All? Workshop for Thrombectomy Systems of Care
Consultor & Moderator TDB

Building the new reality for the Brazilian Ischemic Stroke Treatment: Identifing Barriers, building opportunities and implementing actions

18:25  What´s Next for AIS Treatment in Brazil
Pedro Magalhaes, Francisco Mont'Alverne

3/12/2020 | Thursday

Gavea A Gavea B Leme Copacabana Botafogo

Forum for Brazilian Health Managers

Moderadora: Sheila Martins

8:00  Stroke Care Line in Brazil
Secretariat of Primary Health Care (MOH)

8:20  Stroke in Brazil: many advances in the last decade but still much to do
Sheila Martins (Rede Brasil AVC, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre)

8:50 The stroke program in Brazil: from the Federal plan to regional implementation
José Fogolin Passos (Bauru's Secretary of Health,  CONASEMS Director)

9:20 Models of Success in the implementation of the Care Line
Joinville – Douglas Calheiros Machado (representing  Joinville's Municipal Secretary of Health)
Porto Alegre - Pablo Sturmer (Porto Alegre's Municipal Secretary of Health)
Ribeirão Preto - Sandro Scarpellini (Ribeirao Preto's Municipal Secretary of Health)
Fortaleza - João José de Carvalho (SBDCV, repres. SES Ceará President)
Vitória - José Fiorott (Hosp Estadual Central, Vitória, ES)


10:30  Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:45  Since declaration of Gramado: where are we now and actions from here?
Awareness of population, Education for health professionals, Primary Attention, pre-hospital, Acute Stroke care and Rehabilitation
Gilmar do Prado (ABN President)
João José de Carvalho (SBDCV President)
Sheila Martins (RBAVC President)
Octávio Pontes Neto (Coord. RNPAVC)
Olivia (SAPS, MOH)
Eduardo David Gomes de Sousa (SAES, MOH)
Camile Sachetti (DECIT, MOH)
Anselm Hennis  (PAHO)

12:15  Closing Remarks

Satellite Symposium - Penumbra

12:30 How to work with regional stakeholders to accelerate global Access to stroke treatment
Dileep Yavagal, University of Miami, EUA

12:50 Experience with ADAPT technique for mechanical thrombectomy
Guilherme Dabus, Baptist Hospital of Miami, EUA

13:10 Neurovascular advantages for extended window treatment
Octávio Pontes Neto, HCFMRP-USP, Brasil

13:20 Discussion

13:30-14:30 Conference
Marc Fisher

13:30 Why should you do research?

14:00 Translational Stroke Research

Workshop Acute Stroke Care - Angels
Moderators: Leticia Rebello, Eli Evaristo Faria

8:00 Hyperacute and acute stroke care
Letícia Rabello

9:00 Nurse check-list in acute care
Marcelo Klu

9:20 Optimizing times for reperfusion
Carlos Molina

9:40 Discussion

10:00 Telemedicine for Stroke: why ans how to use it
Leonardo Carbonera

10:20 Experience with Telestroke
Luiz Monteiro de Barros Neto

10:30 Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:50 Neuroimage in acute stroke
Eli Faria Evaristo

11:30 Intracranial Hemorrhage management and treatment
Raul Valiente

11:50 How to organize a stroke unit?
Rodrigo Bazan

12:10 The importance of measuring your outcomes: SITS-QT
Tijana Todorovic

Angels Global Forum
Moderadores: Sheila Martins e Carlos Molina

14:30 Welcome

14:40 Angels Initiative in Europe
Valeria Caso

15:00 Stroke Action Plan in Europe
Bo Norrving

15:20 Stroke Systems of Care in Spain
Carlos Molina

15:40 Stroke Systems of Care in Vietnan
Thang Nguyen

16:00 Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

16:20 Stroke Systems of Care in Egypt
Magd Fouad or Hany

16:40 Stroke Systems of Care in India
Jeyaraj Pandian

17:00 Stroke Systems of Care in Canada
Andrew Demchuck

17:20 Stroke Systems of Care in Brazil
Sheila Martins

17:40 Cost-effectiveness of Stroke
Pedro Magalhães

18:00 Discussion

18:20 Meeting per country

19:20 Presentation per country

19:50 Closing remarks

How to organize your Stroke Center/Stroke Unit - Angels

8:00  WSO Roadmap for stroke services
Jeyaraj Pandian

8:30 Step by step of the stroke unit organization
Frederico Alves

9:00  Implementing protocols evidence-based for acute stroke
Francisco Dias

9:30  Implementing protocols evidence-based for post acute stroke
Pablo Lavados

10:20  Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:40   Implementing rehabilitation protocols
Julie Bernhard

11:05   Implementing acute endovascular treatment
Fernando Gongora

11:30  Organizing the regional network
Marc Ribó

11:55  Organizing stroke care adapting best practices to the local environment
Victor Urrutia

Research without frontiers: research contributing to improve stroke care regionally
Moderators: Claudio Sacks, Antonio Arauz

8:00 Estepa Stroke Epidemiological Study and Siphon Program in Argentina
Sebastian Ameriso

8:15 Epidemiological Research in Chile
Claudio Sacks

8:30 Research in Mexico
Antonio Arauz

8:45 Research in Mexico
Carlos Cantu

9:00 Changing outcmes with stroke units in Panama
Nelson Novarro

9:15 Improving Stroke Care in Costa Rica
Miguel Barboza

9:30 Stroke care in Colombia
Pablo Amaya

9:45 Pre-Hospital for stroke in Paraguay
Alan Flores

10:15 Research in Stroke in Peru
Carlos Abanto

10:30 Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:50 Situation of Stroke Care in Dominican Republic
Carlos Williams

11:05 Stroke in Public System of Health in Uruguay
Claudia Camejo

11:20 Stroke Care in Private Sector in Uruguay
Roberto Crossa

11:35 Epidemiological Stroke Study in Brazil (SAMBA Study)
Vivian Nagel representing Norberto Cabral

11:50 Discussion

Neurocritical Care in Stroke: 2020 Frontiers!

8:30 Informatics in Neurocritical Care: the future is here.
Maramelia Miranda Alves

8:50 Treating malignant MCA strokes, can we overcome hemicraniectomy?
Gisele Sampaio Silva

9:10 Brain Death in Patients with Stroke: Clinic and Law
Gabriel de Freitas

9:30 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: managing DCI after the HIMALIA trial
Airton Leonardo

9:50 Outcomes in Neurocritical Care: the challenging of measuring the right parameters
Jamary Oliveira Filho

10:10 International Practices Differences: from drugs to monitoring
Nelson Maldonado

10:30 Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

10:50 Inside the Black Box: Neuromonitoring in Stroke, is it necessary?
Antonio Eiras Falcão

11:10 Delirium in Stroke Patients: from definition to treatment
Cassia Ryghi

11:30 Status Epilepticus in Stroke patients: should we monitor more?
Pedro Kurtz

11:50 The role of Transcranial Doppler in Neurocritical Care
Viviane Zetola

12:10 Discussion

3/13/2020 | Friday

Gavea A + Gavea B Copacabana

08:10-13:15  Plenary Session: Stroke in 2020 - where are we? 

08:10 Opening Session

08:35  Cut stroke in half: the WSO strategy to reduce the burden of stroke
Michael Brainin

08:55  33 years of reperfusion treatment
Joseph Broderick

09:15  Reconsidering stroke care models for reperfusion therapies
Carlos Molina

09:35  Mission Thrombectomy 2020: an international plan to implement thrombectomy across the globe
Dileep Yavagal

09:55  Challenges in implementing National and Regional Stroke action plans
Pablo Lavados

10:15  Discussion

10:25  Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

11:00-12:30  Acute stroke care

11:05  What is new in thrombolysis? Extended window and new thrombolytic agents
Octávio Pontes Neto

11:20  Personalized Medicine in Stroke Reperfusion
Raul Nogueira

11:40  Neurointervention Education: The Iowa University International Program
Cynthia Zevallo

12:00  Preventing Malignant MCA evolution: the role of thrombectomy and novel pharmacological approaches
Gisele Sampaio


12:30-13:30  Satellite Symposium Moinhos de Vento Hospital: Defying the impossible
*with lunch-box
Moderators: Luiz Antonio Nasi, Sheila Martins

12:20 Diagnostic medicine: what to expect in the next 10 years?
Leonardo Vedolin

12:50  New technologies in stroke care
Demetrius Klee Lopes

13:30-14:00  Posters Award

14:00-16:20  Research in Stroke
Moderators: Priscila Azevedo de Souza (DECIT,MS) e Octávio Pontes Neto (RNAVC)

14:00  The Gaps and Oportunities in Research in Stroke - The GAINS Initiative
Andrew Demchuk

14:20  Selecting patients for thrombectomy in pré-hospital setting
Marc Ribó

14:40 Translating research findings into clinical practice in stroke: the BRIDGE Stroke Trial
Julia Machline Carrion

14:55  Stroke treatment in the new era: TeleStroke throught the mobile app
Sheila Martins

15:10 Chagas Disease as an important risk factor for stroke in Latin America
Jamary Oliveira Filho

15:25 Atrial Fibrillation Screening in Public Health
Juliana Safanelli

15:40 The Cost-Effectiveness of Thrombectomy in Stroke - the Resilient Trial Results
Ana Claudia de Souza

15:55  Fortaleza Epidemiologic Study: 5 years follow-up
João José Freitas de Carvalho

16:10  Discussion

16:20  Coffee-break / Exhibition Area / Posters

16:40-18:30  Prevention and Rehabilitation
Moderadores: Valery Feigin, Carla Moro

16:40  Statins in Stroke Prevention: where are we now?
Rubens Gagliardi

17:00 PFO closure: still a controversy?
Ayrton Massaro

17:20  When and how to return to anticoagulation in patients with stroke and high risk of bleeding?
Gabriel de Freitas

17:40  Big Data to organize the stroke care line
Márcio Rodrigues

18:00  Multi-centre recovery trials: why we need them and how to build them
Julie Bernhard

18:20  Discussion

18:30-19:20 Closing conference
A world free from stroke - myth or reality?

Bo Norrving

19:30 Luau
Local: Sheraton Hotel Social Area

16:40-18:40  Hands-on
Neurintervention - limited spaces

Registration at
[email protected]

Focusing on the technique and challenges of the endovascular procedure for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke with  experts for 1 hour will review the step-by-step procedure in the simulator. 

Target audience: Doctors

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