Abstract formatting rules:

The abstract should be written in topics and contain information relevant to the introduction, objectives, method, results, conclusions, references.

The maximum number of characters for the body of the abstract is 3,000 characters (including spaces).

• Each author can submit up to 4 papers.

 The limit of authors per paper is 20.

 The e-poster file must be submitted following the rules below. Submission can only be done through the system, in the main menu of the registered attendee after the communication of the approved papers.

Submission areas:

– Electronic poster

Thematic areas:

1. Acute stroke treatment – Thrombolysis
2. Acute stroke treatment – Thrombectomy
3. Hyperacute stroke management (except thrombolysis and thrombectomy)
4. Neurointervention (except thrombectomy)
5. Rehabilitation
6. Prevention
7. Neuroimaging
8. Multiprofessional care (nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychology, occupational therapy, social work)
9. Stroke workup and etiological diagnosis
10. Stroke epidemiology
11. Prognosis and outcomes after a stroke
12. Stroke complications
13. Stroke pathophysiology
14. Brain reorganization and recovery

15. Carotid stenosis/large vessel atherosclerosis
16. Stroke risk factors
17. Rare causes / stroke in young patients
18. Intracerebral hemorrhage
19. Atrial fibrillation, cardioembolism and brain-heart interaction
20. Cognition and vascular cognitive impairment
21. Small vessel disease
22. Subarachnoid hemorrhage, aneurisms and vascular malformations
23. TIA
24. Translational/experimental research
25. Genetics, genomics and biomarkers
26. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
27. Case reports
28. Organizations of  Stroke services/ Stroke Networks

Instructions for e-poster submission:

The format of your presentation should follow the following measures: 1920 pixels or 67 cm height, 1080 pixel or 38 cm width, PDF (LxH) format. Your presentation can have a maximum of 1 page (slide).

Tables and graphs can be used in the final presentation file. Use bold letters whenever necessary. Letter size should be between 16 and 36 points. Note: use italics only for terms in other languages.

• Try to avoid very heavy images as slide background that might make it difficult to submit the file (maximum size 5MB).

The poster title should be identical to the title of the abstract previously submitted for evaluation.
Below the title (leaving one line of space) in smaller letter you should write the name of the authors and their respective institutions.

If there is more than one author, please separate their names with a semicolon.


2 papers will be awarded

Best paper of the Congress (entered in categories 1 to 27) – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Best work in the  Stroke Services/ Stroke Networks Organization category – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with a flight ticket to the World Stroke 2020 Congress in Vienna, Austria as the 1st Place Award.

*Airplane round trip ticket in promotional class, during the Congress period.

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