Visas for entry into Brazil are granted by Brazilian consulates abroad.

The citizens of MERCOSUR member countries do not need a visa; it is sufficient that a passport or a valid identification document is presented

Citizens of the European Union and several other countries do not need an advance visa, only having to present their passport. To find out if you need a visa to travel to Brazil, consult the  Consular Portal .

Citizens of Australia, Canada, the USA and Japan have the E-visa facility, as it is called the visa obtained by Internet or by application on mobile and tablet.

The procedure to apply for the online visa is simple: send a photo with the image of the passport page with your information and address (optional). Fill out the form, pay the fee and download your visa.

When traveling, present to the airline a hard copy or scanned image of the electronic visa.

In Brazil, the Federal Police work integrated to the E-visa, which in the near future must be accepted in the e-Gates in the Brazilian airports, currently exclusive for Brazilians.

The electronic visa has a maximum validity of two years and costs USD 40, a lower value than the traditional visa. Having an E-visa does not prevent the visitor from applying for a visa in the traditional way, through the Brazilian consular network.

To learn more about documentation and procedures for granting visas, consult the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

See the list of consular representations of Brazil abroad and the visa regime for the entry of foreigners in Brazil.

Driving vehicles in Brazil

Tourists qualified abroad can drive in Brazil if the visit is less than 180 days. For longer stays it is necessary to obtain a Brazilian rating.

It is essential that your foreign driver’s license and identification document are valid. The foreign tourist driver is imputable by the Brazilian legislation.

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